Fashion Belts

Owww, these Fedaboa belts are pretty dope. It’s always a bonus in my book when an accessory can be multi-functional and solve many problems simultaneously. These loud hipster belts from Fedaboa are reversible, made from antibacterial and anti-allergenic rubber, unisex, 100% recyclable, waterproof, and one size fits all, and very stylish.

Fashion Belts

Available in 11 eye-popping colors, these amazing, versatile belts are packaged in a very stylish and contemporary oyster shell container. At the bottom of each of the oyster containers, the story is told of how the shell casing was used by pearl fishermen. Just as the actual belt is multi-beneficial, so too is the packaging. You could re-use the oyster container as a jewelery holder, for travel or to hold your phone charger and cords etc. Fedaboa you have done it again…pure genius.


2 Responses to Fashion Belts

  1. zack115 says:

    ok man I’m down with the cause of the belts but their so bright

  2. Pedro says:

    Dude dem are tight. I want a few of them.

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