Illuminant Lamp

Wait, I had to take a second look to see that the lamp is not sitting on the table, but is instead being suspended by fishing wire from above and is being illuminated by the light directly below. Nonetheless, this concept is super duper dope and I would not mind having this in my room. In my opinion, the “illuminant lamp” is amazing.

Illuminant Lamp

The shade is made of reflective materials and suspended from the ceiling by fishing wire, the son suspended luminaries cut into strips 2 mm thick, which could be referring to tentacles of a jellyfish-are made from the same reflective material normally used for safety clothing. The bulb is placed in a cylinder on the ground and comes illuminate from below, giving life to this creature.

Check out more photos of the “Illuminant Lamp” after the jump.

Illuminant Lamp

2 Responses to Illuminant Lamp

  1. sigangangel says:

    nothing else…

  2. Dylan says:

    Where can i buy one?

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