Nike Terminator “Play Hard” 2009 Summer Collection

Well, it has been a few days since I found this collection, so I apologize for the delay, but I am just having some time to actually post on it. But may I just begin with say, owww, these are dope, really. As you know, I have a deep love for Nike. In my opinion, they have designed some of the illest shoes to date. So, when Nike comes out with some shoes that I love, I must post.

Nike Terminator “Play Hard” 2009 Summer Collection

Originally unveiling the Play Hard campaign last year, Nike Japan continues to push their musically-charged project into Summer 2009 with a new event featuring a handful of Japan’s premier musical acts.

The campaign, backed by Tower Records, will also be releasing a new pack of Terminator sneakers, in both a hi and low tops. The sneakers are a change of pace from last year’s drop, utilizing a mainly white backdrop with various vibrant accents and patent leather, which in my opinion makes for a better colorway design.

Click below for more detailed photos.

Nike Terminator “Play Hard” 2009 Summer Collection


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