Mini MPC 2000XL Is Insane

So, you want to make a drum beat like Ye or Dre? Well, now you can.

Okay, this is a little random and a little weird, but I am posting on yet another flash drive, but this is insanely dope. I don’t know about you, but when I hear an amazing instrumental by Kanye West of Dr. Dre or any other great producer, I usually wish that I could also put out a beat of that caliber. Now, you can…well kinda, ha.

Mini MPC 2000XL

These are hair-raisingly, insanely awesome. Designed with the modern musician in mind, these two bad boys are convincingly modeled on the AKAI MPC2000XL sampler and the EMU SP1200 drum machine. By “convincingly modeled” I mean that they look strickingly similar to their original counterparts. These flash drives have a 4GB capacity and are going to run you $39.95 each, and you can pre-order them now.

Click below for more photos.

Mini MPC 2000XL

Mini MPC 2000XL

Mini MPC 2000XL


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