And The Lights Are Out

Woah nelly, some more music by one of the greatesd rap duos, Method Man and Redman? Yep, more music. Here are a few tracks that are new and old, but all good. This is my third post on these guys in the past few weeks and each time I do nothing less than pay homage because these two are the real deal when it comes to true hip hop. Check out their new mixtape, Lights Out, below.

Lights Out Mixtape

Method Man & Redman – “Lights Out” Mixtape

Click below for the full tracklist.

1. Lights Out Intro (Ridin High)
2. Dangerous Mc’s
3. Big Dogs
4. A Yo
5. Well All Rite Cha
6. How High
7. City Lights feat UGK
8. The Rockwilder
9. Tear it Off
10. 4 Minutes to Lock Down feat. Reakwon and Ghostface


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