Sebago Lighthouse

Okay, to me, boat shoes are hot. Now, when the big boys of Sebago come with their Lighthouse boat boots, I just get excited. These boots are simply fresh, hands down. I love the beaten look of the leather mixed with the classic boat shoe style. Here is a summer banger.

Sebago Lighthouse

With the huge boat/deck shoe craze before us, I’ve begun to see many derivatives of the classic take form in growing numbers. We’ve seen different instances come along in varying cuts and hybrid styles, but a major player in Sebago and their Lighthouse model is seen here which offers a nice and cheaper alternative to last year’s banger from Rogues Gallery Rogues Gallery.

Out of the box, the two versions are both distressed and come with black laces. Retail is suggested at $140 USD and available at


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  1. […] to hit the fashion world to date. So, here’s a more comprehensive, in depth look into the Sebago Lighthouse as the shoe exemplifies what seems to be a growing segment amongst the boat-shoe […]

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