Grey Ant Shades

To me, it seems like the whole nerd-glasses phenomenon that Jay-Z, Kanye, Pharrell, and Common started has died down a bit. Nonetheless, now that the sunny, summer season is on the horizon, sunglasses will be back in full swing, especially the nerd-glasses. In my opinion, the whole look comes off better with tinted lenses anyway. These are some frames that I would wear, easily. I love ’em, especially the boldness of them.

Grey Ant

From L.A.-based brand Grey Ant, is the Black Status Sunglasses, a pair of extra-thick, black square frames with black tinted lenses with silver details at the upper corners. I must say, Grey Ant did a god job on theses.

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Grey Ant

Grey Ant

Grey Ant


2 Responses to Grey Ant Shades

  1. Puk says:

    Helloooo? They are only $207 @ right now with promotion code!

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