New Soap, Old Bottle

In celebration of Earth Day, I figured that I would post something about giving back to the environment. By the way, as a sidenote, I want to just say that I think that it is plain silly that we dedicate just a single day to the Earth– or a single month to women or a single month to the African-American community. I feel as if each day should be lived out in a way that we pay special attention to the environment and to women and to the black community and to whoever and whatever else. Just my thoughts, ha.

New Soap Old Bottle

Here is an awesome concept New Soap, Old Bottle, a company created by designer, concept artist and inventor Scott Amron.

To read more about the company and check out more photos, click below.

At New Soap, Old bottle, they sell brand new liquid soap, and other liquid cleaning products, packaged in old plastic soda bottles, plastic water bottles and glass beer bottles to help clean up our environment. Each bottle is cleaned, sanitized and processed for reuse as packaging for your favorite brand of liquid soap. Big companies aren’t going to do this on their own.  So, we’ll do it for them. They buy name brand liquid soap by the barrel and package it in old bottles here in America. New Soap, Old Bottle also sells spray, pump and squeeze tops to encourage people to reuse their own used bottles, and the company is looking for old bottles to buy and reuse.

Buy one and see what you think.

To check out their site, click here.

New Soap Old BottleNew Soap Old Bottle

New Soap Old Bottle


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  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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