Make sense

I just wanted to show an aphorism that I found while looking on Peter Rollin’s blog.  Peter Rollin’s wrote this, “An interpretation that makes sense of our existence is not a Christian interpretation.” I do not know about you, but this is profound. Profound to the point that I actually had to sit on this truth for almost an hour contemplating the truth behind it. To me, Jesus did not make sense; at all. Everything Jesus said and did didn’t make sense. So, the question then must be extrapolated onto Christians, do the things you say and do make sense? However, I think that this statement is much deeper than just that simple thought. This statement asks us to examine our lives and motives and words. The question, if you are a Christian, is, do you make sense? Formulate your own thoughts on this statement, but keep and open mind because this truly is beautiful.

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